The start-up consulting is a crucial step for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish a successful business. This consulting helps founders to transform their business ideas into a viable structure and assists them in shaping the legal, financial, and organizational framework of their company. The present report explains the main tasks in the field of start-up consulting.

  1. Analysis of the business idea

The consulting starts with an analysis of the business idea. Experts evaluate the idea in terms of its marketability, competitiveness, and profitability. The consultants can help identify target groups and market niches in which the company can operate successfully.

  1. Creation of a business plan

A well-thought-out business plan is the foundation of a successful company. The consulting supports founders in developing their business plan, which includes a detailed description of the business model, financing, revenue forecasts, market analysis, and organizational structure. The business plan is also an important tool to convince potential investors and funders of the viability of the company.

  1. Choice of legal form

The choice of the appropriate legal form is of great importance as it has implications for liability, tax burden, and management of the company. The consultants inform about the various legal forms, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or entrepreneurial company, and assist in the decision-making process.

  1. Financing and funding

The consulting supports founders in searching for suitable financing options, such as bank loans, crowdfunding, or venture capital. In addition, they provide information about possible funding, subsidies, and programs that could be relevant for the respective company.

  1. Tax aspects

The tax framework is particularly important for start-ups. The consulting clarifies the tax obligations and opportunities and provides assistance in choosing the right tax strategy. This includes information on value-added tax, income tax, trade tax, and other relevant types of tax.

  1. Social security and staff management

Another aspect of the consulting concerns social security and staff management. The experts inform about the legal obligations regarding health insurance, pension insurance, accident insurance, and unemployment insurance. They also provide tips and advice on successful staff management and creating a motivating work environment.

  1. Marketing and sales

The consulting also offers support in the areas of marketing and sales to increase the visibility and reach of the company. This includes the development of a marketing strategy, the selection of suitable marketing channels, and the planning of sales and distribution activities. The experts help to build a strong brand and effectively reach the target groups.

  1. Digitization and IT infrastructure

In today's business world, digitization and IT infrastructure are of crucial importance. The consulting can assist in the implementation of modern technologies, the selection of software solutions, and the establishment of an efficient IT infrastructure. The experts also advise on data security and data protection to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

  1. Controlling and risk management

A successful company requires effective controlling and risk management. The consulting helps to establish a controlling system to monitor the financial development of the company and to respond to problems or opportunities at an early stage. In addition, the consulting supports the identification and evaluation of risks and the development of strategies to minimize risks.

  1. Sustainability and social responsibility

The consulting also provides information on aspects of sustainability and social responsibility that are increasingly important for companies. This includes the implementation of environmentally friendly practices, the integration of social aspects into the business strategy, and the creation of a positive contribution to society. The experts can help to develop a sustainable business model that is both economically successful and socially responsible.

Start-up consulting offers comprehensive support for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality. The experts accompany the founders in every phase of the start-up and help to build a solid and successful company. The consulting covers all relevant aspects, from the analysis of the business idea to financing, marketing, and sustainability, to create the best conditions for successful entrepreneurship.